A story from and by Greece

– A story from and by Greece

“Greece, like the rest of the world is at a pivotal moment in history.  As a nation, we stand at a precarious edge, instigated by an economic crisis connected to a global financial system that we now know is not sustainable.

As our current systems rapidly disintegrate, and we witness increasing unemployment, poverty, suicide rates, and despair we also see local initiatives being sparked and new forms of active citizenship beginning to flourish. As a naturally enterprising people, Greeks hold a treasure chest of traditions, ideas and abilities that if awakened and catalyzed, can pioneer a new sustainable future – not just for this country but for a changing Europe.

We believe we can re-frame “crisis” to potential, re-vitalize the values of democracy towards an new world that is aligned with deeply sustainable human and ecological values.”
– S-Initiative:Katalysis, Awakening and Innovating our own Solutions for Greece


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