The intervention

The event will bring together local and global changemakers, experts and leaders in a forum for inspiration, ideation and action.

The event is designed in three phases where an online platform is combined with a mayor intervention that boils down into a offline incubator lab that facilitates ideas and connect them to the right people, leading to actions.
The event builds on experiences from succelful citizen-based innovation models and major events from all over the world.

The event is expected to attract around 10 000 participants that engages in events in and around the Acropolis during one week.
Furthermore the goal is to have  engaged over a million through social media.

The epicentrum of the event will be held in and around the Acropolis and build on all the symbolic value the ancient sites posseses and the event itself will be framed and enpowered by greek culture.

The event will culminate in action and positive global attention towards and from Greece.

This is the cradle of our democratic world, where the great thinkers long ago made up todays reality. Its time to bring in new thinkers and doers in the same place


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