The dream

The dream is what lead me in to this exploration

It is a scenario of what could be..

During the coming month this will probably change drastically as I learn more about Greece together with Greece

Early one morning, reading the news, I notices that one could rent The Acropolis in Greece for the subtle fee of 1500 € for a photo-shoot.

This got me wondering, what could the Acropolis be used for that might be more interesting than a photo-shoot…

My head started working… Greece, crisis, opportunities, the acropolis, the world….

Imagine if you could engage 100 000 unique minds from all over the world into one extraordinary think-do-tank in the historic ruins of the Acropolis to inspire the world into taking action.

Imagine how a person of your choice would inspire others to aspire

Imagine how a Greek mother would ideate together with a MIT-student of how to provide education for free

Imagine how the power the rich Greek culture would empower them

Imagine a peasant proposing an idea to a president

Imagine how the Acropolis would serve as a global lighthouse for positive change, sourcing the engagement from the world

Imagine joyful Greek people celebrating on the streets, dancing zorba and
inviting the world to participate with a smile

Stop imagining! Be a part of it!


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