On-site work


Stretching from the 25th of march until the 29th of April I will explore Athens and Greece with the eye´s of a creative outsider, observing and digesting stories into work-hypothesis that will be the foundation for designing a concrete project of how to best address potential challenges expressed by the Greek system itself. I will be backed up by Social Lab who will send down Lasse, a competent change-agent and Morten the film-maker(http://mobojo.dk/).

The process will be boiled down into mini-documentaries that will give an insight in what positive stories Greece has to tell that can inspire the world.


The intention of the period is to have created a deep understanding of the possibilities that Greece possess as a global hotspot for social change and packaged that into a project that have attracted both local and global collaboration partners

Desired outcome

2-5 mini-documentaries shedding a positive light of Greece

Co-developed project with local and global partners ready to take on


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