Questions Im asking


What is your relationship to Greece?
How is the current situation affecting you?
How are expats reacting in general?
What is Greece most vital sources of energy? What do you love?


What is the power of the citizens?
What does Greece need right now?
How united is Greece and towards what?
What power relations are there to take into consideration besides political. Poor/rich
How does Greek people react to challenges and make solutions?
What is holding Greece back?


What are the 3 or 4 most important challenges or tasks that your the situation in Greece currently presents?

How do you react to the worlds reaction and attention towards Greece right now?
How does it affect local life in Greece? Who manages? Who is most exposed?


What about your current situation in Greece frustrates you the most?
What about the worlds reaction frustrates you the most?


What are the most important accomplishments you Greece have achieved in the time of chaos that the world can learn from?

What 3 or 4 important aspirations, areas of interest, or undeveloped potential would you like Greece to place more focus on in her future journey ?

What leadership do you se is taken? Who are the official and unofficial leaders?
What is the unused potential of Greece?

Global perspective

What do you think the world could learn from Greece?
What do you think the world could help Greece with?
What is the most meaningful relation to find between greece and the rest of the world?

Social change
What is the environment for social change at he moment?
What do you see as emerging in the future?
Who is driving it?

What does the acropolis symbolize for greek people?
How do you design a forum that allows for all to participate?
What do you think greek people will contribute with on an open event?

Last question?

What is driving the Greek people right now? What is the vision and mission of the people?


2 thoughts on “Questions

  1. Hello, I’m Tania.

    1. Greek, born in Hannover, Germany; raised in Thessaloniki, North Greece; have lived both in Athens and Thessaloniki; have traveled a lot within Greece. I love our country.
    2. Crisis has brought many changes in my life. I’ m a freelance copywriter/editor/speechwriter, have worked for advertisement industry, communication field, audiovisual productions… still do, but my revenue has been really reduced. I used to work in projects that I didn’t enjoy as much – now, I have been working for more interesting things that unfortunately don’t pay a lot – sometimes they don’t pay at all. I rented my house in Athens, packed my things and have started looking for different options. Sometimes this situation really kicks not only my certainties but my optimism as well. Sometimes it’s just a provocative reality that makes me share with friends, colleagues and family the feeling that this is a starting line and we have the privilege to create and witness the world change.
    3. Expats… I don’t see why this, is a personal question. This morning I read in Kathimerini that expats feel mystified. Though they have the means they don’t have a clear vision about Greece.
    4. Sources of energy… Thematic tourism.
    a. Culture (modern art, traditional and synch music, food & wine, sea routes, ancient civilization & monuments). I realized from childhood that I love being Greek, because I can listen to east and west music and be moved by both of them profoundly. However, the current stakeholders are not stepping ahead towards this direction. Tones of money have been spent, but unlikely Spain, Greece has not succeeded in promoting a concrete cultural profile. Nevertheless, Greek culture is a lead in the Mediterranean world, a cross road and a great way to inspire, create and cooperate.
    b. Nature. I ski, dive, swim, walk. I love the mountains, the springs, the coasts. Greece offers a dazzling surrounding for recreation, relaxation, learning and communication.
    c. Food and special rural development.

    1. Honestly, I’m not sure about our power. Time will tell. We are in the middle of a turbulent period. Europe is in crisis. We have elections… who knows. The only thing I can say is that Greeks can be really enthusiastic, and pretty efficient when inspired.
    2. I believe we need a government of cooperation between the parties. We need social unification. We need local projects with a global impact, local action with global thinking
    3-4. Regarding unity… I recently watched a seminar on our unity factors (by metron analysis). The research showed that we focus on our families and close friends. We, Greeks have always been based – sometimes struggled, sometimes motivated – by our families. Also, there’s a strong distrust towards the political world, Europe, and banks. People bridge the gap between their social distrust and their need for social secureness with their personal initiatives and mostly, their family-friends.
    5. The last decades have proved that Greeks have been motivated a lot by the promises and a “customer-oriented” government system. A corrupted system that gave a lot, to steal more. Olympic games and volunteerism program have indicated 8 years ago that we can work towards a goal and succeed. However, since I have been part of Olympics communication team I must say that the Olympic strategy and the way we had worked back then, were new, international and rare Vs the Greek-business-as-usual. It was a whole new culture that was not transferred and reclaimed the years that followed. Additionally there wasn’t actually any legacy left from this really costly venture – everything that happened after the Olympics was a major disappointment.
    6. Corruption, an old, claustrophobic system of governance that has deep routes inside the society. Mistrust. Secularism & manipulation through the traditional Media both inside Greece and abroad.


    Dear Max Parnas, I have to go, now, so, I’m not sure whether I’ll answer the rest of your questions … I hope the above helped… I wish you to plan and present for the sake of all fighters and free-thinkers something memorable that will make a difference in our world.


    • Tania!

      I am very greatfu for you indepth answers to the questions. You really made me curious into what your answers would have been to the other questions!

      Anyway.. thank you!

      I will do my best!

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