Status update – Crowdsourcing campaign on Indiegogo

So here is a first crowd sourcing-campaign to allow for the project to move on.


Preject work about to be completed. Understanding of local context, developed project+ project proposal+funding strategy+local and global partners.

Next step

Full commitment from core-group, developed web-platform and initial funding.

Current  partners of the project

  • Art of Hosting, Greece
  • Innovation Zone Athens, Greece
  • Atenistas, Greece
  • TedX, Greece
  • Submarine, Greece
  • Kaospilots, Denmark
  • Social Lab, Denmark

All of the above mentioned are committed to offer time, expertize and platforms. But we need funding to manage and lead the project.

What we need and what you get
We need funding in order to fund and lead and co-develop the project with local and global partners and to secure bigger funding.

The main objective with the 4000 $ is to sustain us(One in denmark, one in Greece) working half-time on the project for two month and to cover for transport-cost so that I can fly back to Athens to facilitate and lead the stakeholders down there.

The money will result in:

  • Complete and developed project proposal that can serve as base for larger funding campaign
  • A build up web-platform in cooperation with social-lab ready for ideas!!
  • An additional of 4 inspiration movies from Greece
  • A mini-documentary covering the Greece from a bright side
  • Activated collaborations leading to event and bigger commitment from stakeholders

Additionally we hope to be able to return to Greece in July to shoot even more inspirational stories together with Submarine magazine.

Good winds from Aarhus Harbor

Max Parknäs

Project initiator


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