Inspiring Greece – The Trials Of Sokrates, history repeating?

The other day I watched an old Norwegian movie called Sophie´s World. In it, without my knowledge, was a scene from the trials of Socrates in Greece where he got sentenced to death for criticizing things to the left, and to the right.

The scene got me thinking, will the same thing happen again? Will society exclude and eventually “kill” the “leaders” that I so warmly spoke about in a recent article only to understand afterwards that, maybe they where right?!

Immediately I though of some of the people that I´ve met down here, who are dedicating their life´s into trying to create new value in turbulent times. They are to, the victims of heavy criticism.

Why is human kind so resistant to change?

I wonder… what is it that we have in our societies right now that we absolutely would like to take with us tomorrow? And what new shall we bring?

Have a look until 6 min… maybe addon a minute to hear what Platon has to say..

I wonder if the Greek poet Angelos Sikelianos was right. Maybe what the old thinkers Plato and Socrates though of are the keys to the insights that can restore our world to balance.

Just like the philosophy behind ideasforgreece, we do not necessarily need to reinvent the wheel. Maybe all the ideas we need for a well-functioning world is there.  We just need to scan for the best, put them together, and implement them!

In May 1927, with the support of his wife, Sikelianos held the Delphic Festival as part of his general effort towards the revival of the “Delphic Idea”. Sikelianos believed that the principles which had shaped the classic civilisation, if reexamined, could offer spiritual independence and serve as a means of communication among people. The event consisted of Olympic contests, a concert of Byzantine music, an exhibition of folk art as well as a performance of Prometheus Bound. It became very successful and despite lack of state assistance, it was repeated the following year.

It seems that we already have a proof of concept for the ideasforgreece event…

Good winds from Greece


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