Inspiring Greece – The cultural creatives; New leaders in a chaotic era

There are so many stories to tell… and Athens have kept me to busy and I don’t know how to communicate what I experience.. but here some insights into an experience  that made a big impression on me.

I hope the project goes well so that people from all over the world can come here and take part of when these new amazing stories are being born!


A couple of days ago I met with two inspiring young woman who had created a workshop/art-gallery in an alienated area of Athens. Here they made different interventions to create new relations to improve the neighborhood. Such as inviting elderly people to come once a week to share a craft. Something that created new perspectives… an important ingredients to build understanding and trust, that is needed to co-create our future. (A video will come)

Maria and Mariana both had been living in London… Maria just came back.
To what you wonder?!
Working without a salary, living at home with your parents, witnessing the depressing state of your home country.. last week a man committed suicide on a public square as a last cry for change..

-London gave me stability… but here, life offers me other things than stability does. People get more adaptive and open now, people embrace change in a different way, we have to.
We grew up with our parents telling us if we get a “proper” education we will be fine. Now they are depressed and we are the ones that live.
-We tell them things can be done in other ways, now we show how to live life.

To this I make a couple of drastic conclusions… in the current chaotic reality that our generation is facing, our educational system is a failure.

In Greece right now, there is a 50 % youth unemployment… and that is with a “well-educated youth”.

-Your can have 15 years of studies without having a job says Mariana.

Five years ago 75 % of the Greeks expected to work in the public sector… now that number is down to 5%.

-I have to be resourceful, its hard, I might even have to pick trash -Maria says

And resourceful people are the one´s I see flourishing here! It’s not necessarily the “well-educated”. It’s the people who are resourceful and creative, artists, who are used to instability.

I wonder how the Swedish population would manage crisis…. we can’t even handle a late bus.. The system have made us lazy! We claim what Greeks are lazy but actually we have created a society that allow us not to think creatively at all.. and that mindsets starts bring imposed to us the first day you enter school as a seven-year old kid.. or even on a more early stage..

In Greece I see a clear shift in life, into what kind of attributes are required from the leaders to bring us out of the chaos..
In Greece, people are forced to create new meaning, they can’t live the fake dream that is imposed to our generation.
Maria and Mariana are, like many of the other people I met down here, the adaptable leaders, not mended

-We are not paralyzed, we can act! The Maria and Mariana claim… and I agree, more than ever!

Maria ends of with a powerful statement

-Im not happy but Im very satisfied…




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