A fertile climate for innovation and entrepreneurship

This Wednesday Morten the movie man accompanied me to meet with a man at the ministry for development in Greece to discuss the current climate for entrepreneurship and innovation in Greece.

To start with, he mentioned that before the crisis about 75% of the people where pursuing a career within the public sector. Now only a mere 5% desire the same. Tha reasons for that could fill an entire book but one thing he says, is for sure: The need and the desire for entrepreneurial spirits is higher than ever in Greece. And the state is acting fast to support startups and bring entrepreneurship into education at an early stage.

Maybe, the ongoing brain-drain of Greece might be limited by an improved climate for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Among thing the greek government are investing 800 mil € in 10 new funding programs. Let pray it goes to the right place!

Another very interning topic he tells me about is innovative farming. Right now there is a growing interest among young people to move out to family owned lands  at the country-side to start a new career as farmers.  A modern agricultural scene is evolving, not only to grow olives but to engage in more complex farming that poses a challenge to the young, new age well-educated farmer. We will try to catch up on a video story regarding his!

Mr kierikamos mentions that, during the  crisis have we have seen a forest of mushrooms popping up. both social initiatives but also a lot of it-startups. It-startups doesn’t require any money, he says, people can sit home with their mother and create! He draws the parallel to Israel, who in spite of their isolation are having the highest amount of it-startups after the US.

After a 2 hours of conversation I walked away, even more certain that the world have something to learn from Greece. Maybe a co-working space initiative for startups doesn’t look much for the world. But if you consider where Greece was just 3 years ago, the initiatives I witness are remarkable!


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