A deeper understanding

The other day I met with a ex-brand man, Mr Panageotis, working with visitgreece.com who was a speaker at the seminar on cultural entrepreneurship I attended last week. Now going for a job at the Presidents Cabinet after having figured out that his good career in branding did offer him the satisfaction he sought.

Our conversation offered me a lot of new insights on a fundamental level and I can clearly see similarities from working with organizational culture. With a systems view on my work, I seek to observe Greece as a system, look for relations and find the underlying need from which I can build my hypothesis that will be the foundation for the design of an event 2013.

A very broad assumption of mine after our conversation is that Greece is lacking a coming picture of their identity and vision. A nation that heavy identify itself with an Ancient Greece that is no more.

  • What is modern Greece?
  • What is modern culture in Greece?
  • If you take away Acropolis and tourism, what is left then?
  • What is the gap between Greece perception of itself and the reality?

What part of the culture is an outdated picture of the past, and should be left, in order to go forward, and what should be kept.

What could be a future vision made by the Greek people? Could you, just like in an organization, design an event that would involve thousands of people to explore these question? Something that obviously sound more easy than it is.

The journey so far have tough me a lot about Greece and its turbulent past. Greece has, according to Panageotis, in the past century, experienced three dictatorships, one civil war, 3 balcan wars and became a democratic state 1974. This might have had an impact on the ability of Greek people to embrace change…

What is really uniting this country I ask? The music? The sun?

It is easy to see a very polarized country… But this is also where the initiatives that i witness shines a light of hope. Those are the symbol of a new united Greece, acting for a better future. Citizen-based initiatives that have brought together an otherwise quite closed and suspicious people.

Some of the initiatives might not look much for the world, but considering the lack of trust that i time after time get told, exists in the Greek society, the progress is drastic. The trust issue could fill in a post of it own, but is has it roots deep down in the Greek system and the corruption that comes with it.

But as with everything, not everybody is on the train… The ones that have been hit hardest by the crisis, might just have enough energy to survive. In order to involve everybody, the people must first have the basic need for living!


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