Inspiring Athens

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This week has been a truly inspiring week where I have had discussion with people from the street all up to the highest floor of Athens tallest building.

I have feelt the city pulse at night from the back of a young dreamers motor-bike.

I have walked the ancient street, looking for what is present.

I have gotten insight to a part of Greece that feels that this crisis might have brought something different. People are coming together on a different level than before it seems.

Volos waiter: “People lost their values 20 years ago, when the money came. Now they are finding them again; they have to.” #EuroDebtTales

Many I meet who are into interesting stuff claim that this wouldn’t been possible a couple of years ago…

-now we know we can change stuff, and we do! Before we just elected politicians and that was it! -Member of Atenistas, a network of 50 000 Athenistas who do things to improve the city

Still, clearly,there are challenges… but I seem to smell a feeling of a local change of attitude.. and it inspires me!

I´ve met up with Alexia a couple of days ago, a volunteer for Boroume, and organization that is connecting business and restaurant left-overs to organizations that can distribute it out to people in need. In that way, they are providing up to 5000 meals a week.

The project have gotten a fantastic start and the support and energy I have gotten from Athens is just great! Today I was hanging out with some Atenistas and somewhat 50 volunteers who hung out making a school nice.. Later on I went to another one of their events in the “cultural sector” of their organization where they had made the municipality lend out a magnificent train-station that was put out of use 2005. The event that was expected to attract 100 people instead attracted about a 1000 people.

I’ll try to set together some material for you who can’t bear my spelling mistakes!

Good winds from Athens harbor


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